Tjs Cloth Nappies





We are a family run business selling reusable cloth pocket nappies and accessoried based in Lincolnshire.

We aim to give great customer service, fast delivery and excellent prices.

The 6 of us, me (Jackie) my husband and the 4 children Harry-Lee (10) , Tyler-Jay (6), Frankie-Ray (4) & Priya (5 months) all under the age of 10.

When we found out we were having our 3rd baby we decided to try cloth nappies on Tyler-Jay and if we got on, use them on our 3rd baby. We loved them so much we decided to start selling them to get other families to hear all about them and use them.

We couldn’t think of a company name, so decided to call it after our son who was in them TJ.

Now using terries and wraps with Priya from birth.