White Specs BTP Nappy

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These birth to potty pocket nappies are polyester laminated with polyurethane (PUL) creating a breathable water resistant outer, then lined with polyester microfleece to create a quick drying pocket with a generous opening for adding inserts.

They have a double row fastening with hip snaps and fit approx 10- 35 lb

They come with the option to have no insert, microfibre, bamboo , one 5 layer charcoal insert (commonly called charcoal bamboo due to the nanoparticles of bamboo derived charcoal as explained above), one microfiber and one charcoal or one microfiber and one bamboo insert

Charcoal inserts are two outer layers of charcoal fleece and three inner layers of microfiber.

Charcoal reduces acidity thus reducing nappy rash and smells, whilst having the added bonus of not showing staining.

Print direction may vary from that shown in picture.

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1 bamboo & 1 charcoal, 1 mf & 1 bamboo, bamboo, charcoal, microfibre, no inserts


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