Mama Koala 

Rules for pre orders

Mama koala pre orders start approx 28th and end on the 5th each month.  After this date I can no longer request any of them, as they are limited editions and new prints get released each month.

Pre orders will arrive approx 4 month later (mid-end of month). It may come later than this for reasons out of my control due to my order size or my orders comes by rail or air. 

If pre orders are cancelled for any reason at all by yourself only 70% will be refunded.

Once you have placed the order and I have submitted it to Mama Koala it can not be changed.

Everything (including instock) placed in the order will be dispatched when the pre orders arrive

Paying 30% deposit

This is only available for £20+ orders

Enter the code given at the checkout

Put your PayPal email address in the comments section so I can send an invoice for the remaining 70%.

There will be no charge for paying the initial Mama Koala 30% deposit.

Each payment after that will incur a 50p charge. (If you pay the 70% off in 1 go there will be no charge, if you make other amounts of payments-After 1st payment a 50p charge will be added to the invoice. After the second payment another 50p charge etc.) This covers the costs of PayPal charging me a fee each time you make a separate payment.

You have 3 months from the day you order to pay the 70%. Any orders not paid by the end of the 3 months will be refunded anything thats been paid over 30% and your order will be cancelled.

Postage will be recalculated when the 70% invoice is sent to you as the 30% payment can change the postage.

The code is ‘pay30now’

If you order 6 I will knock the 6 pack discount of the nappies on the new invoice

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via Facebook