These are wool wraps made from 100% extra fine merino wool. They come unlanolised.

In 5 different sizes

XL 2-4 years 

L 12-24 months

M 6-12 months

S 3-6 months 

XS 0-3 months 



The best way to find the right size for you is to messure your baby with a nappy on from the top of the nappy at the back round through there legs to the top of the front of there nappy. How ever many cms it is is what you will need in a wool cover. They have the cms on the name of the nappy.


You only need to wash wool wraps if they get poo on them or they start to smell, other wise they can be washed every 2-4 weeks. Wool wraps can be hand washed so they are not washed to hot in a machine. Wool wraps need lanolin before you use them to make the work. Wool wraps used on there own are not waterproof so they need treating with lanolin so you make it like a sheep’s skin . Sheep’s stay dry because of the natural lanolin in there coat. When the temperature from outside the cover hits the liquid in the wrap it evaporates. Wool wraps are great for babies/children with eczema or if they have had PUL wraps on all day and you want them to have a rest over night. Hand made in the U.K.



2 XS wool cover 28cm

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