These great sets can let you try different products with each other to see what you prefer. Due a baby but it all seems complicated buy one of these and have a play before you decide what you would like to use. They are £14.26 RRP but selling as a pack at £12 

It comes with.....

1 Muslinz - great for newborn and can go under a wrap or folded to go in a pocket 

1 nappi nippa - keeping the Muslinz closed 

1 newborn bamboo insert - can go in a wrap or pocket 

1 btp microfibre insert- great to go in btp pocket nappy 

1 newborn wrap - to be used with a Muslinz or a bamboo or both 

1 btp pocket nappy- to be used with a Muslinz, bamboo or microfibre. There is a hack to make the pocket fit smaller that 12lb 

Here’s a link on how to make the btp pocket smaller

A simple way to fold a Muslinz. 

➖Lay the square out flat 
➖fold all the corners into the middle. Over lap to make a smaller square 
➖ fold one edge over a third
➖ fold the other edge over a third
➖ pull the top corner back on its self 
➖ pull the corner under it back on it sell 
➖ lay the baby on it
➖ pull the front up and then pull the sides in.

The bee nappy on the doll is a btp with the newborn hack

Newborn/btp set

£14.26 Regular Price
£12.00Sale Price

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